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Know What to Say to Win!
Verbal  Strategy  is  proud  to  announce  an  exciting  new  two-day  audio
seminar for those who persuade professionally:
"How to Defeat the Dirty Tricks of Persuasion"
Approx. 14 CDs/16 Hrs. + Workbook
Only $199
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Unfortunately,  as  familiar  as  these situations are,  most  persuasion  and
sales training courses  to date  have assumed that  you're "persuading in a
vacuum".  They barely even mention your competitors, let alone  what you
should do when  those competitors decide  they
 don't want to play  by  the

So don't be a victim, be victorious!  Get your copy today!

  • A  salesperson  loses a deal to  a competitor  who cheats

  • An  executive  has  their proposal rejected because  their
    enemies in the company out-strategize them

  • A trial lawyer loses a case because the opposing counsel
    manipulates the jury’s emotions

  • A politician loses a key election  because their opponent
    deliberately deceives the voting public.
"How  to  Defeat  the  Dirty  Tricks  of  Persuasion"  is  the  first and only
professional  sales training product  designed to  help  you  recognize  and
respond to the unethical persuasive techniques of your competitors.

Let me ask you ... Have  you  ever  lost  when  you know  you should have
won?  It happens all too often:
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